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Absolutely Zero-logs Policy: But don’t take our word for it, take it from the users who already installed us.

Hidden IP: Protect your real IP and get an untraceable IP once you connect to Unlimited VuzeVPN.

No online records: We are governed by a law that does not require us to record your online activities.

Secure Encryption: We use AES-256 both and AES-128 to ensure your internet connection is kept private.

Kill Switch: If the case of a VPN connection drop, our Kill Switch blocks your internet connection and prevents IP leaks.

Supported Protocols: Enjoy full IPv6 support with our VPN protocols

Throttling prevention: When you use Unlimited VuzeVPN it means your ISP cannot trace your activities and throttle your connection in the middle of a binge session.

Unlimited Bandwidth: The name Unlimited VuzeVPN says it all: there’s no limit to the TV shows, documentaries, news, sports, and more that you want to stream.

No Location Restrictions: Whether you’re an expat or simply enjoy a foreign film, get full access to global content on any content streaming platforms by connecting to any of VuzeVPN's worldwide servers.

Amazingly Fast: The online world is at your disposal with our amazing speeds. Surf, download, and stream anything you wish.

P2P Optimized: Our servers are placed in strategic so your internet speed is not affected by anything.

Quick Connect: Connect to Unlimited VuzeVPN app to start surfing anonimously. Hassle-free!

5 simultaneous connections: Secure your internet connection on all your devices and share it with your family.

User-friendly app: Download Unlimited VuzeVPN app and connect to any of our worldwide servers with one click.


What is a VPN and how does it work?
A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that allows you to access the web securely and privately by routing your connection through a server and hiding your online activities.

A VPN will create a secure tunnel between you and the internet. For this, the information which passes through will be encrypted and you will get a new IP address.

How does a VPN work
A VPN will create a secure tunnel between you and the internet. For this, the information which passes through will be encrypted and you will get a new IP address.
How can I be anonymous when downloading Torrents?
If you visit torrenting sites without having activated your VPN protocol, your IP address can be vulnerable. This way, the surveillance organizations will be able to collect this information and use it against you. In addition, a malicious person can intercept your IP on the site and use it to download torrents.

We recommend that you activate your VPN each time you connect to the internet. You will protect yourself against online surveillance, identity theft and profiling. VPN’s work on multiple operating systems and offer simultaneous connection on many servers.

Is VuzeVPN Free?
If you decide to choose VuzeVPN you will get the best offer on the market. Please note that to provide and monetize a VPN service, any serious VPN provider has to charge its users (having their own server and infrastructure costs) but offering in return a risk free experience.
How does Vuze or Vuze+ work with VuzeVPN?
Downloading torrents is as popular as ever. Despite multiple attempts of the governments and movie industry to end the online sharing experience. Worry no more, there is an easy solution to this problem! Just use a secure VPN like VuzeVPN! VuzeVPN helps you access blocked content over a normal connection, any time you want to bypass ISP-configured blocks. Also, it allows access to all sites and services when you’re abroad. Even more, VuzeVPN has a 30-day money back guarantee, so feel free to try it. Best VPN for torrenting 2021.