About Vuze

Vuze creates and distributes innovative digital media applications that are changing the way people consume media. Our popular peer-to-peer application and media hub has been installed 90 million times in the last 36 months. The Vuze community represents Hollywood's biggest fans and consumers, as well as technology trendsetters. More importantly, they are leading a Digital Entertainment Lifestyle revolution (started with iPods and Tivos), which will dramatically change the way we consume media.

We think consumers should be in control of their entertainment and digital media, and that technology and entertainment companies should help them. We focus on the technology part, and work with savvy entertainment and consumer electronics companies who share our vision.

If digital media is your passion, Vuze is for you: A massive community of users, disruptive technology, high-profile investors, a solid business model, and an obsession for innovation.


Vuze is located in downtown San Mateo (map).

489 S. El Camino Real
San Mateo, CA 94402

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