Download the Vuze Bittorrent Client on Linux Ubuntu and Download Torrents Today

Looking for a quality torrent client for Linux? How about something that not only downloads bittorrent files, but can also convert a file or play downloaded videos from the plug-in itself? You'd have to be crazy for that much functionality to be found in one program... or you just need to get Vuze for Linux Ubuntu.

Vuze is currently one of the top bittorrent clients for Linux devices, where users are going out of their way, overlooking the default Ubuntu torrent client, to download and enjoy file sharing via Vuze.

The client is so popular, that it continues to receive accolades - including PC Magazine's Editor's Choice, and the "Best Free Software to Download" in 2012 award.

As we mentioned above, this Java-based torrent client is a multi-functional program as well, not only allowing users to participate in peer-to-peer sharing. Vuze users are able to convert files and even playback completed audio or video directly from the platform itself.

Vuze includes an HD video player plug-in as part of this torrent client for Ubuntu's functionality. Users can play any video or audio files and even albums from the HD player seconds after download is complete, and with Vuze Plus you can even start playing the content while the content is downloading.

Vuze is simple to install, even for the most novice Linux user. Just download the file and open it up, follow the instructions or visit the Vuze FAQ and Torrent guide for tips on getting Vuze torrent client for Linux running fast. Be sure to download Vuze FREE.

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